I'm Lily Frederick.

I am a UI/UX Designer who lives for creating experiences in all types of mediums; whether it’s brainstorming features in an application, creating wireframes or designing an interactive space.

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Email: hello@lilyfrederick.com
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UI/UX Design

An in-stadium web app experience designed for the L.A. Clippers where fans would be able to compete with other fans in-stadium on NBA trivia as well as –and most importantly– view live player statistics. I was one of two designers who worked on user research, wireframing, designing and working closely with engineers to implement the final product.

All work in this section is property of Second Spectrum and was created in 2014 at Second Spectrum.


UI/UX Design

A flexible interface made for and shown on ESPN SportsCenter and NBA Countdown, where it is used by television talent to display unique and advanced player statistics and stories. I worked closely with engineers to create the ideal experience for the hosts of these two segments.

All work in this section is property of Second Spectrum and was created in 2014 at Second Spectrum.


UI Design

A financial app designed for both iOS and Android phones under the service of Boost Mobile. I worked with a team of UI designers at a company called Wipit, Inc.

All work in this section is property of Wipit, Inc. and was created 2012 - 2014 at Wipit, Inc. All work in this section is used with permission.


UI/UX Design

A project where I assessed the, then current, Etsy buyer and seller experience and redesigned it from the ground up. The process included creating user personas, wireframing, prototyping and user testing.

Etsy wants to connect buyers who appreciate handmade products to the sellers who are passionate about making them. I wanted to re-imagine Etsy's current app and make it more retail friendly for handmade obsessed shoppers.


Experience/Book Design

This exhibition space is an interactive experience that allows the viewer to uncover the odd happenings at the, Downtown Los Angeles based, Cecil Hotel while simply flipping through the pages of a book.

The accompanying book, Fresh Paint: Margins and Layers at the Cecil Hotel, is a collection of stories (fact and fiction) formed around the Cecil Hotel. The book begins with its meager start as a hotel for day laborers in the early 1900s then leads up to the mysterious body found in the rooftop water tank in 2013.


Editorial/UI Design

Philia: For individuals who enjoy the finer things and how/why they became that way.

Philia is a fictional magazine that focuses on elements of culture that have prevailed over time and for this project I focused on food.